Wigglez~N~Gigglez, LLC (WNG) started with a love for creating fun, cute, original onesies for babies, but it is evolving into so much more.  WNG Baby Boutique targets busy moms who are looking for quick unique baby shower gifts but have little time to create the perfect gift. While working in the childcare arena, we were in awe seeing the personalities of young children developing at such an early age. Wigglez~N~Gigglez Baby Boutique was created to design clothing that suited all of the different growing personalities. During the design process, several children come to mind as we imagine how adorable they would look rocking cute, fun and inspirational onesies that bring out their personalities.

Little did we know when we launched WNG Baby Boutique that our passion for fashion and style would expand beyond babies and grow into a boutique for all children. We have now expanded our boutique to Wigglez~N~Gigglez Kidz your number one source for all things Kids Fashion. Where we are dedicated to giving you the very best of clothes, shoes, & accessories, with a focus on style and the latest fashion trends for kids of all ages.

WNG Childcare Support Service assists busy child development center directors with paperwork, administrative tasks and hiring services. Over the years a love for young children has grown expanding into early childhood education expertise. With that, several other projects are in the works including a blog site and Learning Center.

WNG Baby Boutique is just the start of a great opportunity to make an impact on the lives of young children and their parents. Our desire is not only to do this with baby fashion but also with a passion to impart into young children P.U.R.P.O.S.E., a desire to help them understand their Passion, Uniqueness, Responsibility, Perseverance, Opportunity, Self-Worth, and Excellence at an early age. Current projects and program developments underway will do just that. The upcoming project will allow us to continue to grow the Baby Boutique while nurturing and caring for young children at the same time.

About the Owner

Dani is a wife and a mother of 3 wonderful children. She and her family have just embarked on a new journey as a foster family and has an additional child. She has a passion for encouraging and uplifting others. She’s always seeking ways to push others into their destiny. With a worshippers heart and desire to serve God in all she does, she strives daily to make a positive impact in someone’s life. Her fun and uplifting spirit brings so much joy to anyone that comes around her.

Dani has had a successful 13-year career in Operations Management and Administration including 3+ years specializing in Early Childhood Education. She is an expert in the technical aspects of running a business and documenting its successes. Dani is extremely excited about the vision that she has been given for Wigglez~N~Gigglez and is anticipating being able to make an impact and impart vision to others especially young children.